3D origami pineapple (tutorial, instructions) for beginners

Video description

We show how to make pineapple out of paper 3D origami. This paper pineapple can be an excellent interior decoration or a valuable gift for your favorite, made with his own hands. You can also see how to make other fruits and vegetables in our selection of video tutorials

This model of origami triangles can make a beginner.

We need to assemble pineapple 192 pieces (triangles).

We need:

28 dark green, 10 green, 21 brown and 137 yellow triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami see here.

Making pineapple basis.

All ranks will consist of 14 pieces each.

1st row: yellow, short side pieces up 2nd and 3rd row:

long side up

Join the ranks (each should be 14 pieces)

And attach construction bowl-shaped

4th row alternate the yellow and brown

Make another two rows of yellow

Again, make row of alternating brown and yellow

Then make two rows of yellow

Again row alternates

And we continue to make the ranks according to the pattern shows

Next we make top of pineapple.

Making a row of dark green, short edge pieces out

Attach pineapple more rounded

Making pineapple leaf

Pineapple is ready!

And now you know how to make paper pineapple in the art Chinese modular origami (3D origami). Use this video as master class for the assembly pineapple.

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